Virtually all mobile phones created from 2005 come equipped with different levels of GPS capability. The big mobile phone carriers are known to offer different numbers of GPS-enabled models at very-lower price.

This has lots of benefits for the consumers as GPS opens up a world of services based on your current location, it also introduces the possibility of real-time cell phone tracking.

Phone trackers have different benefits and uses in today's technology advancement. Here are some of them:


Phone tracking services serves as a very basic tool used in locating and finding the current where about of family and friends at all times. You can be kept up to date on where they go, where they have been to and depending on the kind of mobile tracking service you are using, you can listen to conversations and even record them if you want. Call it spying or maybe stalking but the truth is cell phone tracking gives you the power of knowing.


Phone tracking could really come in very handy especially in cases of emergencies. Whether you have a valid reason for tracking somebody's mobile phone or not, the fact remains that the

tracking software will probably be a life saver at that point in time.

Also for all Police or Ambulance services, it`s easy to locate the calls if it was dialed from a GPS cell phone. So all 911 calls made from cell phones are always tracked.


Global positioning system or (GPS) is an important lifesaving tool for any wireless system. GPS provides your exact geographical location no matter where you are.

It was Initially developed by the federal government for use in military bases to accurately determine launching coordinates for missiles. But today GPS is used for many commercial purposes in different business industries, like air, land and sea navigation, vehicle tracking and maps. GPS tracking is made possible with the aid of 3 or more orbiting satellites sending signals to the tracking device. With the development of this technology, one can at all times get their accurate location.

The cell phone enabled GPS is even more advanced and gives about ten times more accuracy than any other triangulation means used for tracking locations. The compact size combined with so much accuracy and it's easy to use friendly interface and mobility feature has made the GPS on cell phones an increasingly popular tracking device. Aiding users to accurately track the movement of anyone carrying a mobile device.

With GPS tracking, your probability of getting lost is greatly reduced as any place can be located efficiently within a very short time.

Aids in business:

Any Business person can benefit largely from this GPS enabled cell phones as they come inbuilt with the functionality to track all your business matters easily through the navigation feature built into most of these devices.


This tool can also be used to get details about the weather forecast of anywhere in the world in real time so you can plan your day, week or even month to get favored with the weather condition.

GPS cell phones are saviors for tourists or anyone who finds himself in a new place or is having problems locating the countries monumental locations, hotels,

bars, restaurants, and shopping complex.


You can decide to download and install GPS tracking spyware to a mobile phone or simply attach a GPS chip to the phone.


A GPS chip is a small device that can be placed at the back of a mobile device in order to track its every location; it is fairly small in size and can barely be noticeable.

The GPS chip will draw power from the mobile device as soon as the chip is positioned on the phone. To do this please read the instructions that came with your GPS device on how to install and configure the GPS trackers to the phone carefully. You can now begin to use your computer to monitor the signals.


You can find loads of software’s available online, some even give 30 days’ free trial while some are totally free to use but they all follow the same rules. You must first download then install the tracking software on your phone to activate it.

Different software’s have different precision levels so you might need to review the software before you buy or download them.

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Before you can use any tracking software your Mobile phone have to have a GPS feature built in it for the software to work.

There are also several available alternatives for you to use instead of cell phone tracking, study and decide which one is the most efficient to do the job.

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