While scrolling through your pictures, you may notice your smartphone has automatically created picture albums based on your location, and they are always accurate. The phone uses your GPS to track your location and feeds that to other apps. This might be good when you traveling, having a GPS capable phone can be very useful, especially in getting directions and finding nearby places, while performing other location-based functions. However, you might not like this and want it off. The GPS function on a cell phone can also drain a phone's battery faster.

Want to turn GPS on or off? Follow these easy instructions.

1. Find the "Location Services"

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Tap Location Services.

2. Turn GPS on or off

  • Tap the indicator next to "Location Services" to instantly turn the GPS function on or off.
  • If you want to turn off the function:
  • Tap Turn Off.

3. Turn use of GPS position for applications on or off<
  • Tap the required application you want to modify the settings.
  • Tap the required setting.
  • Tap BACK.
  • These applications are only available if you turned on Location Services in step 2.

4. Save settings

  • Tap the Privacy button to save the settings.

5. Return to the home screen

  • That is all.

To turn the GPS functionality back on, repeat the steps but instead of clicking turn off in step 2, click on turn on


In case you are wondering if your calls are being traced, yes they are but your actual conversation is not traceable with the use of GPS phones. It can only keep track of what numbers are being called in and dialed out, what time the calls were made and how long the calls lasted.

This is totally optional, if you don`t want to your phone be tracked, you can select the "hide" option on your GPS phone to opt out at any time from the service.


Aside from tracking the mobile phones of a particular person some software’s can also be used for sharing photos and videos with family and friends. There are lots of software’s out there that can be downloaded for free, while some will require license key activation which means you have to pay for it before or during use. Before you proceed, make sure you download the software version made for your mobile device.

There are software programs who have features to avoid detection while spy on anyone is said to be. Aside from the basic location trackers by GPS, some of this program's added features that can fully access the phone's events log, SMS text messages (both sent and received), web browsers and browser history as well as call logs.

Before downloading any application, you are advised to read the comments about the app and check both the positive and negative feedbacks from people who have experienced using the particular mobile phone tracking software would help you in making a choice.

Choose wisely.

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