What is reverse phone?

Reverse phone helps you find Out Who Owns a Phone number. Reverse phone searches can be done for both cell phones and landlines

Theoretically speaking, performing a reverse phone search is really straightforward -- you just need to enter a phone number in a Web page and all the information like the person's name and address gets displayed on your screen. Unfortunately, reverse cell phone lookups are nearly impossible to get for free. There are a few sites that try to offer the service for free however, they are all not totally reliable, and what works today might not work when next you try it.

In this article we would be talking about some of these sites that can be used to perform reverse phone look up.


The first on our list is Facebook. The best way to look up anyone based on a phone number is to simply type it right now into Facebook. That shouldn't really surprise anyone. You can simply enter the number of who you are looking for into the search box located at the top of the screen. In the case that the individual has associated their phone number with their Facebook profile, it will bring out their profile as the top search result, regardless of all their privacy settings even if you are not already friends. But if the person didn't link that Facebook account with the phone number or may he is not into Facebook then you can try out a dedicated reverse phone lookup site.

2) is the leading reverse phone site claiming to have more than 200 million listening’s for adult Americans. White Pages is like the default go to site for many people when it comes to phone numbers.


This site specializes only in helping you find out information of who owns a telephone number. It offers no other added services like reverse address searches or regular email lookup. However, it boasts of having very extensive listings and plenty of information like the name of a phone numbers owner and their location, you can find out the name of the phones carrier. when it comes to reverse lookup. You can find out the name of a number’s owner, their location, and the phone carrier.


This directory is mostly specialized in address searches and lookup. However, it also has an option that allows for reverse phone search. It has a directory that is extensive for including both residential and business listings with names, current addresses and phone numbers.

These extensive listings make them an excellent destination while searching for owners to numbers.

5) is totally different from other sites as it works in a totally very different way from

other sites. Other reverse phone lookup sites have a directory which they search for a cell number and are always updating to make relevant at all times., does not have its own personal directory. Instead, it goes out and scrapes information from search engine results to see if it can find out any information about a number. This approach often finds useful info.

When you do a reverse phone lookup and a match is found, you will be able to see both the first and last name of the owner, as well as information on where the number was registered, the current address of the owner, and a map showing a presentation of their location and even more.

In the situation where there is no match and this happens Occasionally, then the site you visited will do their best to get you as much information on the number as they can find and gather; including the general location, and also the phone service provider.

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