If you have a pet that is an expert on escape plans and cross-country tours, then you might really want to consider getting a GPS pet-tracking device. The GPS pet-tracking device is made with the same technology that enables rangers to follow tagged animals. This will allow an owner to always keep track of straying or lost pets. It comes with a collar design or a backpack type depending on your choice.

But before you go rushing out to buy just any GPS pet-tracking device, there are a few things you need to put into consideration. Firstly, pet-tracking devices are totally different from others since the system needs to have a GPS receiver and also a transmitter so the animal's location can be prod casted at all times. Which also means you need a service provider.

Each year lots of animals end up in animal shelters around the country and most of them are strays or lost pets. Pets can’t talk, so they can’t ask to use the phone to call their owners so how do you find your beloved pet once it gets lost?

They are three basic methods you can use to find your lost pet:

  1. The first method is the metal or plastic identification tags that hangs from the pet’s collar. The tag has the name of the pet, the address and a phone number inscribed on it.
  2. The second method is the implant of microchip into the skin of the pet.
  3. The final method and the one we will be focusing on is the pet GPS tracking system.

Some pet tracker systems send out their data using a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) that uses your GSM mobile phone and a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card for tracking. This way you get real time information about your pet right there on your smart phone. Note your SIM- card provider needs to have service in the said area where you'll be making use of this device before it can work.

You can access the information gotten from your GPS in various ways. These include via your home phone, Internet, or software installed on your computer. You can get Phone access but it is not recommended and installed PC software limits your access to information. Using Internet access to your GPS data is the best recommended way to go. You can just log on, enter your password and you get your pet is location immediately.

You can also use Pet finding software to set a well-defined boundary for your pet and upload them to your computer. Once your pet goes beyond its boundaries you immediately get an alarm and the current location where the animal has gone. If you are taking your pet on a walk outside its boundaries you can disable the alarm

GPS tracking units vary in sophistication and functionality as does the pet--tracking GPS. You can choose a cheap tracking unit that gives only location and nothing else, or you can purchase a costlier version of the device that will give you the location of your pet as well as the information of how to get there. Also to ember to buy a water proofed device If your animal is a water lover.

There is also a major difference between dog tracker collars and GPS pet--tracking devices.

Dog collar trackers usually have limit in range to only about half a mile and are totally ineffective if your animal has strayed or has been stolen and removed from the area.

A GPS Pet-tracking device however is longer in range

Advantage of GPS pet tracking system to other identification means.

  • You get a real time information of the where about of your pet.
  • You can easily locate your pets fast and very accurate
  • You don’t need to wait for your pet to be found and a call placed to you before you know of its wellbeing.

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