Global Positioning System also known as GPS tracking is now becoming a very popular trend in well developed countries. The trend is being boosted by the availability of so many cheap and affordable tracking tools in the market for everyone and anyone who can afford it. Portable GPS tracking systems like “GPS auto tracker” makes tracking more convenient and very much efficient.

GPS tracking is now also possible through phones with the built in functionalities.

There are so many good reasons why you should consider having a GPS auto tracking system. But in this article we are going to be talking about using GPS to spy on a cheating spouse.


Are you in that stage in your relationship when you just feel like you are being cheated on by your spouse and want to confirm if it’s true? Using a GPS device to monitor their movement can help you achieve that but you are advised to please use it as your last option.

Firstly, there are lots of ethical issues related to monitoring a spouse without his or her awareness or consent. It is also important to abide by all laws in the jurisdiction you reside when using a GPS device for surveillance.

If you are ready to get your hands dirty, let’s talk about the kinds of global positioning devices you can get for your spy job.


The auto GPS loggers are tracking devices that gives real time information of the location of your spouse’s car. It does this by sending out signals at a certain time interval. This signals can be configured to be received by your phone or laptop.

You can even add more sophisticated programs to the system to send you phone calls or alert messages when someone tampers with or unlocks the car.

Aside from providing the current exact location of your spouse’s car, you can also use the internet to track the movement of their car in real time from anywhere and at all times, you can also monitor driving habits as well as speed of any one driving the car and also take pictures through the GPS tracking devices.


The phone is a very common part of our everyday lives, and it's also a perfect place to find out about secret affairs. Cell phone trackers are relatively cheap depending on the amount of functionalities readily available on the GPS device you decide to use.

Some GPS trackers are expensive but they come with a load of utilities and have features like:

  • Built-in microphones to allow you hear your spouse conversation and those around them.
  • Alerts such as when your spouse leaves work early or deviates from the route home
  • History of spouse where about and how long was spent in a certain location
  • They can be easily built into a bracelet, a jacket, a watch, or even a shoe.

GPS auto tracking receivers come in different varieties of shapes and sizes. Some receivers are pocket size while others can be small enough to be put in a cell phone or a wrist watch. They are also easy to install and use.

In the next article we would be talking about WHY YOU NEED A PHONE TRACKER as well as PHONE TRACKING HELPS.

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