In this article we will be covering the different types of GPS for vehicles as well as importance of putting GPS trackers on your vehicles.

Currently there are three major types of GPS for vehicle tracking; the cellular based tracking, the wireless passive tracking and the satellite based real-time GPS tracking.

Cellular Based Tracking

The initial costs you are billed for setting up this system are slightly lower than the other two GPS tracking options. With cellular based tracking your average costs are believed to be in the range of about $500. A cellular based tracking system requires you to pay for connection over a land network that would be responsible for transmitting information about where a vehicle is every five minutes. The monthly average costs will be in the range of about thirty-five dollars for airtime and for the information to be displayed over the Internet.

Wireless Passive Tracking

The major advantage to this type of tracking system is the one-time cost being the only coast you need to pay for. There is no monthly fee associated with this type of tracking method, so once the system is fully set up there will be no other costs associated with it. However, the down side to it is that setting up the system is a little expensive. The average cost is about $700 for the hardware, and $800 for the software and database that would be needed.

This system also has its own flaws, it lacks real time tracking and transmition over the Internet, you can only find out about where the vehicle went and how it performed when it returns back to the company, so it can’t help in tracking when the car is stolen causing a major disadvantage to this method of GPS tracking. However, the introduction of wireless modem to help send the tracking information over the Internet without removing the memory card from the car is pushing the method of GPS tracking back to the top.

Satellite Based Real-Time Tracking

This type of system is not as detailed as the other two methods of GPS tracking since it gives less detailed information, but it works nationwide and over very large distances, which makes it a good tracking method choice for large shipping and trucking companies. The costs for setting up the system is average around $700 and the monthly fees varies for this system from five dollars up to one hundred dollars; it all depends on how detailed a company wants their tracking reports to be.

Here are some benefits of GPS tracking:

− Improved Customer Service

Customers are happier and feel better when they know you know where your vehicles are located especially if they are shipping one thing or the other with your company. This also helps in locating deliveries or backups If, for some reason, one of your vehicles developed a problem along the way, the nearest available truck can be located and quickly activated to complete the task.

− Increase in Personnel Safety

When vehicles are fitted with a GPS fleet tracking system, employees are known to better respect their responsibility of being a driver and avoid reckless driving or over speeding. Thereby traffic accidents will be greatly reduced. Some companies have gone ahead to create and implement reward programs, for drivers who can meet up to certain driving standards set by the company.

− Complete Historical Record of Fleet Activities

You can get historical data on trends and good routes for company vehicles to follow to increase both efficiency and productivity while still saving on different unnecessary cost to the company.

It is a good investment to make.

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